New to twitter, understanding how Retweets can change your whole perspective of sharing on Twitter

News 08:12 December 2019:

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Technology in the 21st century to be precise has taught has us one important thing, the act of communication.  It has brought in one thing in particular, that you can communicate easily and understand each other without ever seeing them or even laying eyes on them.   The social media platform has opened great avenues to socializing and this in essence is something that we can never choose to overlook.  If you are reading this, I believe you are already registered on Twitter and want to fully understand how to make use of the automatic retweets function to benefit you.

Tweets are public and anything you retweet on the platform is shared by all.  It is therefore important that as a social media user to note that anything you retweet or share becomes public.  There are two kinds of retweets, you can opt for the manual retweet and if you prefer, the faster and easier option then use theautomatic retweets button.  Since this is a platform for sharing, passing on news or any discoveries, retweeting enables you to do so.